Saturday. Saturday morning. Saturday morning in Rennes. This translates into market day. One of the largest outdoor as well as indoor markets in France, takes place at the Place des Lices every Saturday morning – since 1622 according to Wikipedia. Fresh produce, meat and sausages, fish, cheese, bread, wine and cider, flowers and other delis.
About half of all Rennais, the people of Rennes, are either at the market, on their way to or from the market. At least it feels like that. If you do not know, where the market is: go to the center and then follow the flow of people. Follow those with empty bags and trolleys.

Yes, I know, I am supposed to post pictures of the colorful market, make you jealous of all the delicious food and drinks, make you wish to be here at the market. Another Saturday.

Today I was more intrigued how half of the population of Rennes carry their supply for the next days home. It was quite fascinating. Trolleys everywhere. In all colors: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, black, and with all kind of patterns, images of produce. Many of them quite sophisticated, some nearly high-tech, only a few pathetic. Most of them are made of synthetic materials, but I could still see some basket trolleys.
In Germany these trolleys for shopping are the domain of old women, who cannot carry any longer their bags. Not here: women and men, old and young, single or couples, white or black – all have them. I even saw kids having their own – in pink. And the French show also style with trolleys, not all, but more than expected. The way, they pull them after themselves. Others try to match the color of the trolley with their pants or shoes.

Those, who do not pull a trolley behind them, have their bags or baskets. Colorful bags from the supermarkets – in France plastic bags are not free (what a blessing) and supermarkets offer cheap and colorful, quite robust, bags for repeated shopping. Bags made of natural materials, often colorful. And of course the good all baskets, woven from twigs.

The bags offer better views of what is inside. While umbrellas, leech and baguettes are often too long to fit completely into the trolleys and bags, fresh lettuce is often out on the top to protect them from being squeezed by the heavier groceries. And of course flowers are a perfect ornament of a shopping trolley, bag or basket.
Young families with children use the pram as a trolley. And some, the minority, carry their groceries in mundane plastic bags from the stalls.

The market is also a meeting place. I am less than three weeks in Rennes, know less than 100 people and yet I met two of my colleagues: one on my way to the market, the other at the market. But not only people meet each other, also trolleys do. In line at a food stall or when their owners take a short rest or a chat with their friend or just passing by each other. How many magic moments, when for instance the red and green trollwy stand side by side and complement each other so perfectly.

Enough words. Go on exploration on your own. Today I nearly completed a 365 project on its own, but it’s only 265 pictures, in random order. Too many – just stop, when you are tired.

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In case you wonder, what I had to carry my produce: a small bag pack. I still need to buy a trolley.


Written by bihua

I worked and lived in Baku in Azerbaijan since September 2012 and started the blog "Life in Baku". End of August 2015 I moved to Rennes in France with the 365 project in my new blog "Life in Rennes".

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