Yesterday I was reporting about the two boys immersing themselves into the play in water. Today it is about dogs enjoying the water.

First I noticed the white dog – looking so majestically watching the beach. Soon he started to run around

dog 1 running

and his masters were encouraging him to get into the water and swim. He nearly looks like a polar bear playing in the water.

dog 1 swimming

Later I saw this dog playing on the beach. First he was also contemplating on the beach and then ran around, through the shallow sea, enjoying himself. He had an air of showing off how fast he can run.


Written by bihua

I worked and lived in Baku in Azerbaijan since September 2012 and started the blog "Life in Baku". End of August 2015 I moved to Rennes in France with the 365 project in my new blog "Life in Rennes".

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