I have so far focussed so much on the daily life, that the charming parts of Rennes were neglected and did not get due attention. The old part of the city center still has beautiful timber houses, framing rather narrow cobble stone streets. One can easily imagine how life was in the “good old times”.

The old buildings are indeed very charming, many of them host now restaurants.

old house - detailold house
The details of carved wooden details are quite amazing and sometimes frightening. I wonder whether there purpose was to scare away evil ghosts.

Nowadays people enjoy their time sitting outside with friends and a drink.

glass of wine
Le petit bar


Written by bihua

I worked and lived in Baku in Azerbaijan since September 2012 and started the blog "Life in Baku". End of August 2015 I moved to Rennes in France with the 365 project in my new blog "Life in Rennes".

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