While weather in Brittany is known to have lots of rain, it also have lots of sunshine. During these many hours of sunshine, shadows of writings on restaurant or shop windows create interesting scenes.

In the featured image it is twice about tartines chaudes, hot buttered bread, but the figure is more interested about the glass of wine which goes with it.

Sometimes the writings are more mundane , but the charme is that only the shadow is visible.

These are just the opening hours of a dry cleaning close to where I live. The pattern was written quite sharply on the wall by the late fall sun in the afternoon. Mundane, and yet it has its own charm.


Written by bihua

I worked and lived in Baku in Azerbaijan since September 2012 and started the blog "Life in Baku". End of August 2015 I moved to Rennes in France with the 365 project in my new blog "Life in Rennes".

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