Locmariaquer, a small community in the South of Brittany, is not far from Carnac, which is world famous for its. Locmariaquer and its megalithic site is probably known best for its grand mehir brise, the large broken menhir.The menhir is broken into four pieces – its length is about 20 meters. Imagine the efforts to transport and erect it in the past without cars and cranes.

Even each of the pieces is still quite large and somehow they looks like toys thrown on the ground by a giant’s toddler. Or was it Obelix, who liked to throw them in his leisure time? Can we find some helmets of Roman soldiers, who were hit by Obelix’ attack?

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Not far from the broken menhir we find the Table des Marchand. Still one hundred years ago it looked indeed like a giant’s table: a huge stone plate (about 4 to 6 meters) lying on its stone legs of two to three meters high. It was located on the ground of the family Marchand, hence the name. Nowadays, it is covered again, as in neolithic times, with soil and stones. Such a megalithic structure we call cairn. It was most likely a tomb. Nowadays one can enter and admire at the end of a chamber the chisellings into the stone – at the wall and the ceiling. Be aware, the structure is from the 4th millenium BC.

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And about 200 to 300 meters further we have a third structure, another tomb. However this is not accessible. The stone plate on top of it is a piece of the same stone used for the table des Marchand. It is believed that it is a recycled menhir.



Written by bihua

I worked and lived in Baku in Azerbaijan since September 2012 and started the blog "Life in Baku". End of August 2015 I moved to Rennes in France with the 365 project in my new blog "Life in Rennes".

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