The Golf de Morbihan has many islands – some are just are few meters in length and breadth, some just host a house, a megalithic structure and there are the two large islands: Île d’Arz and the largest of the golf islands, Île aux Moines with the shape of a cross.

The easiest way to get there is by boat from Port Blanc, which takes just a few minutes, or a longer cruise through the golf with various points to hop off and on. Wherever you will start your trip, you land at the port of Île aux Moines with many choices for lunch. We opted for a place a few steps up with a grand view on the golf.

And after lunch a walk on the island – first along the coast,

then on the “Main Street” to visit the megalithic sites. The first is a large dolmen that serves as background for pictures as well as exploration of visitors.

as the island is quite narrow also from this site there is a great view on the sea and the large fern field just close to the dolmen.

After the large dolmen the smaller one a few hundred maters apart appears like a children’s exercise from ancient times.

The next place to visit is the cromlech from Kernogan. It has a quite serene atmosphere – though it is in the center of the village it is quiet and and calm and it feels like a deep, old spirit guards the place.


Written by bihua

I worked and lived in Baku in Azerbaijan since September 2012 and started the blog "Life in Baku". End of August 2015 I moved to Rennes in France and started the Blog “Life in Rennes”. I did not know where it will lead to. At the beginning I had the ambition of a 365 days projects - it lasted for about 100 days with the focus on Rennes. With winter coming the opportunities to take pictures decreased dramatically. After a break I resumed the blog and the focus shifted more to Brittany. I love excursions in the region and the blog is now very much about the region of Brittany (including Rennes), its beauty and diversity regarding landscape, culture and food. I hope you enjoy it.

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