End of August 2015 I moved to Rennes in Brittany.

With moving to a new place I started a 365 project – taking a picture every day and posting it on my blog. Well, that’s quite an endeavor – let’s see how it works. Maybe I will not post every day, sometimes I will be out of the country and may post from the archive.

The major goal is to document the exploration of my new home.

Update March 2017:

Well, the project lasted for about 100 days, not 365. Winter days were too short, winter nights were too cold to keep going. And probably the excitedness of a new place slowly developed into familiarity. 

Then my first summer and the explorartion of Britanny – nearly no pictures from Rennes, but hundreds from Breizh, as the Bretons call their country. I just loved to visit all these different places. Then the second winter. And now the second spring. Explore Rennes further, revisit places in Brittany and find new perspectives, and enjoy the already seen. 

A blog is a little bit like our life: we never know how it will develop despite our plans. 


Prior to moving to Rennes I lived in Baku in Azerbaijan.


One comment

  1. Really neat blogging idea, and I look forward to following how you settle into your new home. Interesting two places, so far! I just finished my MA thesis on Der Russe ist Einer, der Birken liebt (2012), which features a woman from Baku. It’s a complicated, interesting city.
    Thanks for the follow.


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