Every second year Dinan travels back in time into the Middle Ages – then not only the old buildings, but also the people become medieval.

fete 01

First let’s look at the costume of the town.

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And there are the four sites around the ramparts that give us an idea how live in the Middle Ages was. While most looks quite romantic at a summer day, latest when you see the instruments of the medieval dentist you are back to what reality was at that times. We may celebrate festivals like that, probably mainly to remind us how good times are today.

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It is probably worth to have a closer look at the medieval version of a shower – for people or plants.

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Are you ready for bowling as it was played in the “good” old times? “Well done” is what the man seems to say to the boy.

It was actually quite amazing how many game boards and other leisure games were at display.

And it is fun to watch the people. As people in medieval costumes enter for free many of he visitors wear medieval clothes and become part of the festival.

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Pictures do a poor job in giving an idea about the music played, and yet I hope the costumes and instruments of the musiciens give you an idea.

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And sometimes we juast need a break:

gens 06

And I had mine, sipping a glas of kir Breton. And a cat came by, entertaining me with her company. The waiter was kind enough to serve her a bowl of milk on the house. She reminded me of my yard cat Nelly in Baku.


This year the festival was accompanied by news of an amok run in Munich and only two days later by killing of a priest, while celebrating service in a church. To some extend we have the Middle Ages back in reality, but not the part we want.