St. Malo is one of the best know places in Brittany. While it is certainly a great place to be summer with its long stretched beaches, it is also worth a day trip during all seasons.     

November 2015

It was a lovely Sunday morning – quite cool, but sunny. The ideal weather for a walk along the beach. Some of the scenes I have already featured in some post such as two dogs enjoying the morning on the beach and the perspective of looking down and see a new world.

And more was to e seen in St. Malo. If one arrives with the train, one option is either to go by bus to Intra Muros, the old town, or just walk for about fifteen minutes. For each option one would arrive at the big gate and enter through it the historic town. This is the view from outside on old structures and an old roundabout.

St Malo 1

And here a detail of the coat of arms on top of the gate, framed by Christmas decoration.

St Malo 2

Shortly after entering, turning to the right, is the relief of Chateubriand. And an opportunity to take a picture or somebody taking a picture had to be taken.

St Malo 3

Though I prefer the view from the side on the relief.

St Malo 4

As one can see, the weather was great, and the first choice was to enter the ramparts with a stunning view on the sea and Fort National as shown in the featured image.

As the sea was at low tide, the beach was vast and people had already left signs in the sand.

St Malo 6 heart

The old wooden beams, exposed to sea water most of the time, provide an interesting perspective.

St Malo 7 beach

Part of the sea water was held back by a wall, accessible to the Sunday morning walkers. The rather still water makes a great mirror,

St Malo 8 reflection

and I had to follow the temptation to crop the three young women and turn the picture on its top.

St Malo 8 detail

Enjoy some more reflections in the water

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as well as the view on Fort National

St Malo 13a

and a rock with sea weed.

St Malo 17