The windows in Dinan deserve their own page. It is the combination of old wood of their frames as well as sometimes their color, the variety of the window clothes and flower arrangements. And some doors also made it into the collection.

Not many further words are needed – just enjoy the beauty of daily life in Dinan.

A rather new door with a beautiful net curtain.
window 20

A strong red with an old looking curtain.
window 1b

and the same curtain in a white framed window with peeling paint

and here a really old wooden frame – with spiderweb
window 3

and without.
window 3a

Here the green tree is the frame of the window frame.
window 4

A curtain with little jars – for cider?
window 5a

pink is an option
window 6

as well as green
window 7

and certainly blue for the shutter
window 8
or just traditional dark brown
window 9
with flowers
window 10
or nice patterns.
window 11
Or a combination of curtains in a green frame (with reflection of the photographer)
window 12

And again dark brown with plants
window 13
Flowers are always a great complement – here to the peeling paint
window 14
or the dark brown
window 14a
or the little white flowers harmonizing with the blue frame.
window 16
Dark red goes always well with the white curtains
window 17
and here the reflection of the lamp makes it into the selection.
window 18
A jar with brushes is quite unique
window 19
and the blue is also pleasant for the door.
window 19a


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