I live close to Park Oberthur, so it is quite easy to have a dedicated page for it and feature the park through the seasons.

The park is small and most often I enter via the entrance on Rue de Paris and my path will be often the same. One of the first things I see in the park is this huge tree (I still need to check, what it is called)

01 people under the tree

– it is the taller one of the two in the featured image. It is quite big and it always seems that people walk sheltered below one of its large branches.

Three elderly women were strolling on the path, in the opposite direction compared to my walk.
03 fall
They had looked for quite a while at the this tree, whose leaves got my attention due to their intensive color. And it looked as if the new leaves were just waiting in their bud to burst. No wonder with this mild weather.
04 colored leave
And the ducks are not longer hidden as branches are now nearly naked.

07 ducks

While I was taking pictures at the tree an older woman, sitting at a nearby bench, was watching me. She was on her own and from her cane I inferred that walking is not that easy for her. I wished I could communicate with her, but my French is still to basic. Then fate in form of a cat intervened.

It was a Sunday afternoon and quite many people were enjoying the mild November day. In the background of this pump
08 pump
a group of boy scouts was resting.
10 scouts

The elderly women were meeting me again on their path through the park. They had by then walked a longer distance than I did. Well, I was busy with taking pictures.
09 fall again

A man was juggling – later he advanced to four, rather than three clubs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And a group of young people had a picnic and the guys started to play frisbee.
14 afternoon activities

The leaves of this tree were eager to catch any sun beam they could get.
12 catching the light

The sunshine on these leaves let them look golden – what a contrast to the blue sky.
00 golden leaves - featured

This woman’s clothes seem to be woven out of the fall colors of the leaves – couture’s camouflage.
13 matched colors


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